What to guardians and conservators do?

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Estate planning is an important step that all Arizona residents should take to prepare for the future and protect their wealth from the uncertainty that comes with growing older. Adults of any age can benefit from working with estate planning attorneys to map out their goals and wishes for the protection of their minor children and the financial benefit of those they wish to leave property to when they die. However, planning for the future isn’t only about what happens after a person passes away. There are difficult decisions that sometimes have to be made when individuals are still alive but are unable to care for themselves.

Guardianships and conservatorships are important legal processes that can be important to Arizona families. This post will describe what they are and what they accomplish. Although this post is informational and content, no part of this post should be read as legal advice.

Understanding guardianships

A guardian is a person who looks after and cares for an individual who cannot take care of themselves. During periods of incapacitation and when age becomes a complicating factor in a person’s life, a guardian may be a necessary appointment for the individual safety and protection. Having a guardian named requires legal intervention and an elder law attorney can help a person work toward seeking guardianship over a loved one who is no longer capable of caring for themselves.

Understanding conservatorships

Conservatorship differs from guardianship in one important way. Instead of protecting the individual as a guardian does, a conservator protects the legal and financial assets of an individual who is unable to manage those on their own. When a person can take care of their own needs but does not have the capacity to take care of their financial and legal responsibilities, a conservator may be appointed to manage those for them.

It can be difficult to talk to family members about loved ones who are no longer capable of managing themselves or their responsibilities. However, in Arizona, guardianship and conservatorship offer opportunities to families to ensure that their loved ones are being looked out for. Elder law attorneys can assist individuals and their families with learning about these important processes for the benefits of their loved ones.