Starting with the basics in estate planning

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Many people in Arizona find themselves staring at a multitude of options when they finally get around to addressing their estate planning needs. As a result, the whole process can seem overwhelming from the start. However, when Arizona residents stick to the basics as they begin to assess their estate planning options, they will probably be in good shape.

For example, think about your goals and how important they are to you as you consider what you will need in your own specific estate plan. As part of your plan, you will be able to designate who should receive your assets upon your death, but you will also draft documents that will enable you to appoint people to make important financial or health-related decisions on your behalf, if you are incapacitated and unable to do so. These are important goals.

The basics of any given estate plan are usually: a will; power of attorney documents; a living will; and, possibly, a trust. Of course, these documents and what they state will vary from person to person. Your estate plan is unique to you, and as you walk through your family and financial situation, your estate planning needs will likely get clearer.

Working through the process

At our law firm, we understand that the estate planning process can seem daunting to those who have no experience in this area of the law. We do our best to help our clients work through the estate planning process in order to put together a comprehensive plan. For more information, please visit the estate planning overview section of our law firm’s website.