Can I create an electronic will in Arizona?

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Now more than ever, people in Arizona are using electronic options in their everyday life. This is partially due to convenience and, as the past two years have shown, it can be beneficial to safety. Not everything needs to be done in person and it is efficient to complete certain tasks electronically. Estate planning is no exception. Still, it is important to adhere to the law when creating a will electronically. Since the law to create an electronic will is so new, having professional assistance to ensure the rules are followed and the document is completely legal is key.

The requirements for a valid electronic will in Arizona

The electronic will must be created and maintained as part of the electronic record. The testator must sign it electronically or it must be signed electronically by another person who is doing so while the testator is present, is conscious and is directing the person signing it to do so.

Two other people must electronically sign the document. They must have been present when the testator signed the will electronically, acknowledged the will and that it was signed. In addition, they must sign it is a reasonable time-frame after witnessing the testator signing and acknowledging it. The electronic will must be dated as to when the witnesses signed it. The testator must also provide a copy of his or her government-issued identification when the will is executed.

When creating an electronic will, it is essential to ensure it is valid

Digital recordkeeping might be somewhat new, but it is permeating every aspect of life. It is even being used for estate planning. For those who are creating an electronic will for any reason, it is vital to be cognizant of the rules that must be followed. This will ensure that the testator’s goals are met and the document is above scrutiny. The will is in place to pass property to heirs as the testator sees fit. Avoiding challenges and making certain the document is legal can be complicated. For guidance and assistance with an electronic will or any other aspect of estate planning, consulting with experienced professionals is a wise step.