Helping you administer estates and trusts

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When creating an estate plan, an individual is likely to name an individual they trust to administer their trust or estate after they pass. Oftentimes, this individual is aware of this and is prepared to take on this role. Despite having prior knowledge of this role, administering an estate or trust in Arizona and elsewhere can be a lot of work. Thus, it is important to gain any assistance when it comes to understanding your fiduciary duties and moving through the process.

Estate administration

At Bogutz & Gordon, our attorneys are well versed in the probate and estate administration process. As such, we ensure that those administering an estate or trust fully understands the process and the timeline that goes along with it. For some, having a step-by-step guide can be very resourceful, and we have experience in providing assistance with this.

It can be difficult to keep everything in line, especially when there are so many steps to take. Thus, having extra guidance can ensure you’ve completed the required publications and mailing notices, established the creditors, filed with the IRS and the state of Arizona, obtained all personal and identifying information, determined the order of distributions and understand how to close the estate.

Trust administration

With regard to trust administration, our law firm can help answer any questions you might have about the terms of the trust, the notification to beneficiaries and how to distribute the assets held in the trust. Similarly, we have experience with continuing trusts, and we can provide guidance on resolving these matters and the disputes that might have resulted.

No matter where you are in the estate and trust administration process, it is important that you are informed and feel comfortable moving forward through the process. It can quickly become complex, making it important to have legal guidance to aid you through the process.