Can my estate planning attorney offer fiduciary services too?

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When estate planning, you must make many fiduciary designations. This includes guardians for your minor children, elderly parents or any other disabled family member. For your trusts, the fiduciary designation is the trustees, and the fiduciary for your entire estate is your executor. For those not estate planning with Bogutz & Gordon, PC, they likely tap their family and friends to provide these fiduciary services. With our firm, we can make your estate plan and provide fiduciary services. Indeed, both the firm and all the firm’s shareholders are certified by the Supreme Court of Arizona as licensed fiduciaries.

What is a fiduciary?

The term, “fiduciary” refers to a person or entity that has a fiduciary duty to you, your trust, your estate or another person or entity. That duty is to act within the best interests of and for the benefit of the person or entity the fiduciary is entrusted. Guardians, trustees, executors, attorneys, etc. all qualify as fiduciaries and provide fiduciary services, like Bogutz & Gordon, PC, and our firm’s shareholders.

Fiduciary Licensing Program

The Supreme Court of Arizona certifies licensed fiduciaries in the Fiduciary Licensing Program. It was specifically designed to ensure elderly and vulnerable Arizonans have access to trusted fiduciaries to manage financial issues, make medical decisions and decide other vital life matters.

Full-service fiduciary

Our Tucson, Arizona, firm is unique because we can serve as a full-service fiduciary after crafting a tailored estate plan, tax return preparation, estate and gift tax planning, ALTCS and AHCCCS planning and ensure your charitable gifts and distribution occur. This means that we will truly understand what you want and your needs. This means that we can be your trustee, conservator, executor, etc. We provide effective and efficient fiduciary services, with three decades of experience.

Money management

Some Tucson area clients worry about money management and believe they must get a broker or some other financial professional. However, at Bogutz & Gordon, PC, we have more than $100 million under management. This means that we have the staff and resources to handle your needs, as well as your beneficiaries’ needs after you pass.

Elder law help

Remember, even if we are not your main fiduciary, we can still act as your on-call fiduciary to assist whoever you designate as your southern Arizona fiduciary. We are here to help you with all of your estate planning and elder law needs.